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Living most my life here in the PNW has given me a great opportunity to explore all it has to offer. I have carefully  curated this page to help you discover new places wither your also a long time local or a dandelion drifting on a breeze looking for a place to dig your roots in. I hope you find as much joy as I do adventuring about. I have attached links for most of my recommendation so that you can easy find them. Cheers!



The beer that won my heart- Backwoods Brewing

Backwoods Brewing opened up in Carson not long after I moved home from Montana and with no background in breweries I had no idea that it would be the gateway to my love for craft beers and a good patio to enjoy them on. The beer and pizza make this spot a place worth of a day trip or swing by after a good hike in the gorge.

Hidden and Historic- Carson Hotsprings

Known for its healing properties this hot springs was established around 1897. 

This business has been enjoyed for generations and even my own grandmother worked in the laundry room when she was younger. Between the scenic views and the warm waters all you stress is sure to melt away. 

Pre hot springs swings- Elk Ridge Golf Course

If your looking for a little golf in your life but not an experienced golfer, this is the course for you. Located at the entrance to the hot springs it makes a perfect combo of a good work out and then a soak to relax in.


When it comes to the culinary options for this town I’ve eaten at almost all of them 10x over

Big River Grill

El Rio

La Casa De Sabor

Big Ts Diner

Red Bluff

Walking Man

Time to shred- SKA. CO. Skates

This cute little shop is where I took my kiddo to get their first skate board. Me having no background in the sport, they took special care to walk me threw all of the options. Taking the extra time to make sure I got my kid into a board that would be right for a beginner we left happy customers.  

When it comes to 

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