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You guys are not very good at math!

Out of the mouths of babes. Today April 6, 2020 we have received the official notice that school are closed threw the end of the school year. I have yet to inform Hailey of this. I know it will break her heart. I do not have a plan to tell her anytime soon, but a plan I have no the less. Which brings us to today's #adayonthefunnyfarm and..............( cats out of the bag! Hailey just came in and read this over my shoulder) ooooops Anyway today's life lesson is more hands make less work, but two brains are not always better than one. Amongst the many things required to put up a fences around your garden is the dilemma of calculating how many posts your will need. This can prove to be quite challenging. So there I was tape measure in hand. Dad hollers, I holler. Yup that's 100 feet. His thinking bubble pops up, whats five more feet your way look like? So I take a few more steps, kick my heel hard into the ground to mark off the distance and call it good. Now for the width of the garden. Did we say 35 ft, My dad asks? Nope 30 I replied. Because the first time we measured out the spot I apparently remembered that number. Whats 40 ft look like? So I step out to 40 ft. At this point dads thinking hard. This is where the two brains are not better than one problem comes in. After Measuring out originally a 70ft x 30ft space we have now expanded to 105ft x 35 ft. So how many post do we need if we dived by 15ft between each post. We stand 15ft apart and that just seams like to long of a stretch. Hmmm crap. I say " What if we do 106ft x 36 ft because its and even number so we should get and even amount of post. Not logical at all.

Around and around we go on what if we did it this long by that wide. And both of us using our calculators to figure the math on this. We finally came to the conclusions of 22 poles. Just have to get them made. You know because its cheaper to drive around your property cutting 10 ft poles, stripping the bark off them your self. Sealing the bottom few feet to protect from rotting in the ground. Putting them in the ground. And last but not least once they are set in the ground, burning them with a weed burner to protect them for bugs and stuff. As my sweet daughter stands watching my father and I stripping the bark on some of the logs we've already cut. Dad and I are counting how many more we need to cut down to get the fence up. He asks me what we decided on? 22 right? He gave me a funny look and so stared me and him going back and fourth about the math. Eventually we came to the conclusion of 22. From the peanut gallery we here " You guys are not very good at math!" And she is not wrong. She is learning lots about farming and team work. Which right now are good lessons to be learning. Being resourceful, using problem solving and communication skills. All while being active and learning the value of a hard days work. Until the next time breathe deep and love deeper.

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