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You can teach an old dog new tricks

Here I sit 31 yrs old getting ready to dive back into school. ( Covid-19 permitting) Is it exciting? Yes! A little scary? You know it? But growth does not happen inside our comfort zone. You can't expect anything different to happen if your actions are always the same. So out into the " Unknown" ~Frozen 2~ I go. I have enjoyed my 8 yrs working in the salon and spa setting and could not imagine my life without the industry. But after all these years I have started feeling that something is missing, that i need something more. I knew that i didn't want to explore a new career path, which is why going back to school to get my Esthetics license was an easy decision for me. Before landing at Salon Magnolia I worked at two other spas in the Columbia Gorge. While both provided me with different learning opportunities, finding my way into the Aveda family has help me grow far beyond my own expectations. Moving forward on the education train I full intend on immersing myself into all things skin care. When I hop off at Graduation Station I will be equipped with all the tools I need to help you on your skincare journey. For now until we meet again, drink water like your mother, grandmother, doctor, dance coach, yoga instructor .....ect have always told you to do!!!

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