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Oh Hail!

It must be spring. It rains, it pours, it's sunny and then it rains and pours some more. Today was no exception. During practicing social distancing and the Covid-19 pandemic I have accomplished many things. From giving my collection of all things you collect over a life time a good deep clean to binge watching shows like Tiger King until 1 am. I have no shortage of actives to keep me stimulated. Which brings me to today's adventure. I started the day with an Aveda virtual class and a good cup of coffee. By around 11 am or so I looked out my kitchen window and pondered if I should head up to one of our other pieces of land to do some work my father. He has been asking me do get done for the last week. I checked my schedule.........Hmmmm oh yeah nothing because you know Global Pandemic. So off I went. I had high hopes, it had cleared up a bit and the view up on our property is priceless. The task at hand was easy enough and counted as some physical activity. My father in his " semi retirement" is working on getting this chunk of property back up in running order to have cattle again. This means the hay fields need a little TLC. So I set out to walk to perimeter of one of our fields to pick up any large branches, sticks, debris that might mess with the equipment for haying the fields. Walking along, picking up stuff and to be honest maybe aggressively throwing it out of the field and into the bushes. It felt invigorating. So I would do that for a while and then stop to take some pictures because why not. It then started to sprinkle, no big deal. I'm a P.N.W born and raised country girl. Some April showers were not going to slow me down. I was chugging along when I paused...... What is that sound? I thought first it was the wind, but the trees next to me where not moving much. It must be a truck on the road below me making that noise. And then I looked down the valley and realized NOPE that is defiantly the wind heading strait toward me with a very dark sky right at its heels. I had a decision to make, boogie on back up the hill to my truck and wait the storm out in my truck or suck it up and keep on keeping on. For anyone who knows me well, they know exactly what decision I made. I said bring it on mother nature, go head dump some rain on me. I can just change when I get home! Oops! The next thing I know it is hailing and it's hailing hard and my stubborn rear-end said alright, if that's the game you wanna play so be it! Guys I don't encourage this in any way. It hurts obviously, it's cold and to make things worse I am pretty sure I experienced a brain freeze at one point. Thank goodness being on that big of a piece of land neighbors are not close by. Because I did cuss a little or maybe a lot. Only the birds will know. I rode out the storm and was completely soaked and still had over half the field to walk. But I got it done, close to 2 miles walking all together and it felt great when I made it back to my truck. By then the skies had cleared, the sun was shinning and the birds were singing the most lovely spring songs. Moral of the story every storm really does run out of rain, in my case hail. And when faced with a challenge look it right back in the eye and show its who's boss. But also don't be crazy like me and if you can avoid being in a hail storm please do so.

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