Body Sculpting

100% safe and non-invasive. Ultrasonic cavitation promotes body contouring, slimming, and weight loss. For best results it is recommend to have two sessions a week for three weeks in a row and then one sessions per week for three more weeks. Individual results may vary depending on treatment zone and commitment to home care. With this services you can only do one treatment area at a time so not to put to much stress on the bodies liver and lymphatic system.  Individuals with the following conditions may not be candidates for body contouring services. If you have any of the following conditions and still wish to proceed you will be required to get cleared from your doctor and need to bring a print note for our records. For best results this services should be paired with a balanced diet and regular exercise.


If you have any of the following we will need to do a consultation prior to booking body sculpting services. 

  • Any type of blood thinner

  • High blood pressure

  • Cardiovascular conditions 

  • Pregnant or breast feeding 

  • Epilepsy

  • Disease of the kidney/Renal failure

  • Disease of or failure of the liver

  • History of gallstones or gallbladder removal

  • Hypertriglyceridemia

  • Hypercholesterolemia

  • Thyroid conditions 

  • Acute infectious diseases

  • Skin diseases

  • Active cancer

  • Diabetes

  • Any form of metal implants

  • Disease stimulated by heat

  • Topical/oral treatment making you photosensitive

  • Immunosuppressive disease or medications


Body Sculpting Per session $200

Package of 6 $1000    


Infrared Sauna Blanket

Infrared Sauna sessions can aid in dissolving and eliminating fat. As well as improving lymphatic drainage. Making this a perfect addition to your body sculpting session.  These sessions may help lessen muscle tension and support a more relaxed state. This service is safe to receive up to x3 a week as long as there is a day between sessions to allow a rest period for your body. If you have the following conditions you may not be a candidate.

  • Anticoagulant drugs( blood and heart disease)

  • Active Fever

  • Tuberculosis

  • Acute Infection

  • Pregnancy /  Breast feeding

Sauna sessions can be added to any 60 or 90min facial.


Infrared Sauna Blanket Session $70

Package of 6 $350

Infrared Sauna Blanket Session Add on $50

Package of 6 $250

Northwest Blues Package $95

Package of 6 $475

Has the Pacific Northwest weather got you a bit chilly and feeling a little funky? If your answer is yes and even if its no, this package is sure to be a relaxing experience. Come warm your body and soul and find all those feel good vibes with a sauna blanket and light therapy session. 

Skin Care 

90 Min Custom Facial $125 Package of 6 $625

This facial is certain to leave you feeling like you're on cloud 9. A great option for maximizing your regular monthly maintenance facials, or for someone just wanting to invest in a little extra self care. All facials are always customized to your skincare concerns and needs.

60 Min Custom Facial $95 Package of 6 $475

Regular maintenance is a key component for optimal skin health. Recommend every 4-6 weeks, this is a great option for anyone wanting to invest in their skin and self care routine. All facials are always customized to your skincare concerns and needs.

30 Min Custom Facial $60 Package of 6 $300

If you're on the go, curious about facials, or wanting to do a more intense treatment series this is the perfect option for you. Great for Add On services like Aveda’s Perfecting Plant Peels, LED light therapy treatments Radio frequency and Micro current. All facials are always customized to your skincare concerns and needs.

Add On Services


Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Add On $50 package of 6 $250

Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen. Has an accumulative effect with multiple sessions.  


Microcurrent Face Lift Add On $50 package of 6 $250

Stimulates muscles to tone and lift.  Improves skin elasticity and tightness. Has an accumulative effect with multiple sessions.  

Perfecting Plant Peel $60/30 Package of 6 $300/150

Formulated to improve the texture of your skin, smooth and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and refine the look of pores. It helps even skin tone, and provides instant exfoliation and radiance. It has benefits equivalent to a 30% glycolic peel with out the associated redness and irritation. Can be booked as stand alone service or added to any custom facial.

Hydro Dermabrasion $50 package of 6 $ 250

Gentle enough for even sensitive skin. Hydro dermabrasion is fully customizable with a variety of serums that target and treat a wide array of skin concerns. Using a high pressure and vacuum combination, this gently exfoliates and infuses targeted serums into your skin. Can be added to any custom facial.

LED Light Therapy $50/25 package of 6 $250/125

A full light therapy to treat an array of skin concerns without the associated concerns of UV light. It can aid in the production of elastin, collagen and fibroblast which leads to softening of lines, wrinkles and general smoothness of skin. As well as concerns associated with hyperpigmentation and acne. This can be booked as a stand alone or add on service. If this is a stand alone treatment I ask that your skin be free of makeup and other debris. 

High Frequency Therapy $20 package of 6 $100

High frequency is great for treating acne, minimizing the appearance of pores and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


Brows $20 Package of  6 $100


Brow Tint $20 Package of  6 $100


Brows + Tint $30 Package of 6 $150


Lip $15 Package of 6 $75


Chin $15 Package of 6 $75


Cheeks $20 Package of  6 $100


Full Face $50 Package of 6 $ 250


Under Arm $25 Package of 6 $125


Half Arm $40 Package of 6 $200


Full Arm $80 Package of 6 $400


Half Leg $40 Package of 6 $200


Full Leg $80 Package of 6 $400



Thank you for choosing Beauty by Freyja for all things esthetics. You are an important part of what keeps my business running and I greatly value our time together. For booking purposes, I will require a card on file to ensure payment if an appointment is cancelled within 24hrs or no showing an appointment. I will require a cancellation by phone, calling 360-844-6018 and leaving a message if outside of regular business hours. Anything canceled inside of 24hrs will be charged 50% of all services booked on that day. Anything cancelled 2hrs prior to your appointment time will be considered as a no show and will be charged 100% of all services booked on that day. Being more than 5 minutes late to any services under 30 minutes, or 10 minutes late to services over an hour will also be charged even if I cannot accommodate the services you had booked. Please know I value and respect your time and will gift you a complimentary service add on at your next appointment if ever I need to cancel within 24 hrs. All cancellation fees must be paid in full before rebooking future services. If for any reason you would like to be removed from this agreement, please let the receptionist know.