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Hello I am Jacquilin Patton

and I established Beauty By Freyja in April 2021 I have attempted over the years to write an about me and every time I sit down I draw blanks. I can not begin to figure out where to start or end for that matter. My mission as a licensed esthetician is to help each and every guest find their own definition of beauty. To discover that selfcare is not just a luxury  for the rich and famous but a vital building block for complete wellness. And to truly understand that life is constantly changing so we must always adjust  gracefully or not so gracefully to become the best version of ourself. Which is why I can’t seam to write an about me that comes from the heart. I want you to come visit me and get a feel for yourself my true energetic  personality and experience all that I have to offer. So until we meet you are a beauty inside and out.

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